Posted by: ad65shorty | July 7, 2014

Local Fun: Beach in Herriman

Did you know there are beaches in landlocked Utah?! There are a couple I’ve learned about through the years. We’ve been to a couple and have some on our list to try.

Last week, my neighbor told me about a beach in Herriman that I wasn’t aware of. Well, of course, we had to check it out! It’s called the Blackridge Reservoir and is open to the community (it’s FREE!).

It only took us about 15 minutes to get there. Score! I was surprised that yes, it’s a real beach (I don’t know what I was expecting). It’s a man-made reservoir with sand on one side and rocks on the other. It’s a decent size and so pretty with the mountains in the background. You won’t find fine sand or sea shells like you find in California or Florida, but it’s still a sandy beach for the kids to play on! They thought it was the greatest!


We unloaded everything by the curb, then I went to park while they took everything down near the water, which was a short walk. There was plenty of room to spread our stuff out, and the kids immediately got in the water and started building sand castles shortly after. The water was shallow near the sand (great for toddlers or those who can’t swim). There was a nice playground (no picture–sorry), although the slides were pretty hot for my little one. It was nice for the kids to be able to run back and forth while staying in my view. They have clean bathrooms with running water and they are close. There are no lifeguards on duty (not that I expected there to be) so you’ll need to keep an eye on your kids.


Some hints:

Get there early (I think it opens at 7:30). We got there mid-morning; it was busy but not crazy. After lunch it was really busy; kids all over; and it would have been hard to find parking.

Bring beach toys: water and sand. Be sure to label everything with your name because everyone has the same things! People had rafts for floating on the lake and kayaks.

Bring an umbrella or something for shade. There are a couple of pavilions, but it’s more fun to be on the beach than sitting on a bench.

Of course, bring lots of water and snacks, and expect to stay all afternoon!

I would also recommend bringing a second adult, if possible. We went with friends. It was nice to be able to take a bathroom break with one child and not have to worry about the others drowning while I was gone, or having to drag all the kids to the bathroom. It was also nice because I was able to drop them all off at the beach and go find parking (no dragging kids and gear through the parking lot!).

We spent a couple of hours there, just enjoying being “at the beach.” My kids loved telling everyone they met that day that they had gone to the beach! We will definitely be going back!

Address: 15000 S. Ashland Ridge Dr. Herriman

Other beaches:

There’s one in Spanish Fork that’s been on my list to try out for a couple of years.

There’s one in Pleasant Grove that my friends gave a great review on. We’ve been here. Fun!

And my mom just told me they are building one in Springville near Hobble Creek Canyon.

Yay for beaches in Utah!


  1. This has been on our list to try FOREVER. So glad that you went and had fun. We’ll keep it on our list!

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