Posted by: ad65shorty | May 2, 2014

Toddler Craft: Tissue Paper Bird


This cute little bird was so fun for spring! My toddler loved the project, and the mess was minimal! He showed everyone who came to our house and carried the bird around everywhere with him until I hung it up to display (at which point, he was very upset with me).


paper plate (I chose a small one)

paint (optional)

tissue or crepe paper

glue (I liked Elmer’s for this project)

other craft supplies, like googly eyes, construction paper, feathers, and pipe cleaners


1. Paint the paper plate with a thin layer of paint that matches your tissue paper. This is optional, but helps fill in the gaps your toddler misses. I painted mine light blue with the intent of using light blue tissue paper, but he really wanted to use the dark blue tissue paper instead. Ah, well! It’s still cute!

2. Cut the tissue or crepe paper into small squares. Help your toddler crumple the pieces into balls. They love this!

3. Put some glue on the paper plate. Push the tissue paper balls onto the plate.


I let my toddler do the glue. He did a great job; only missed the plate once. And he thought it was the coolest thing!

4. Decorate. Here’s what we used:

Googly eyes (My toddler said, after putting the eyes on, “Aww… So cute!”) Can you tell they’re different sizes, too?! I love it!

Orange paper cut into a triangle for a beak.

Orange pipe cleaners, shaped to look like bird feet. My son helped me attach these on the back with tape.

Blue feathers. Once again, taped on the back.

Obviously, you can use any color: a yellow chick or red cardinal or black bird or a colorful parrot. We chose to make ours a blue bird. Ack! So cute!!


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