Posted by: ad65shorty | April 3, 2014

General Conference Ideas for Children

A couple of ideas for General Conference this coming weekend:


My kids a couple of years ago, ready to begin!

**Challenge your children to build a temple out of legos, blocks, or playdough:


**Visit for fun activities, printable, and on-line games. My kids love the excuse to be on the computer during General Conference!

**I love this game created by the gals at Mercy River (love their music!): The Apostles as children (page 6 in the packet). I’m making mine into a file folder matching game for each of my children. (Sidenote: Many years ago, I made the first pages into a quiet book for Sacrament Meeting. I just adjust as new apostles are called. My kids love flipping through it during Church.)

**Some of my favorite ideas here, like snacks, coloring pages, etc:

**Our family’s tradition for AFTER General Conference: goal-setting for everyone, including the littlest of my children:

 What are your favorite Conference traditions?


  1. You read my mind! I was just thinking about FHE tonight and remembered your tradition of setting goals. I was just about to search your blog for it, and there it is! Thanks Angee!

    • Thanx for sharing, Lauren! I am so happy you’re using it. And I’m glad it was easy to find! 🙂

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