Posted by: ad65shorty | January 1, 2014

Best of 2013

This little corner of the blogging world hasn’t been as busy as in years past. I have been overwhelmed with life and health issues, but it’s still something I love and enjoy when I get a minute. I hope you’ll continue to visit and see what we’re up to in 2014. Thanx for your support!

To close out the year, I thought I’d share my Top 11 posts of 2013 (11 because numbers 10 and 11 are a mere 2 views a part). They are as follows:

#11–Turkey Trouble Extension Activity (activity to correspond with the book)

#10–Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

#9–Birthday Ideas: Tinkerbell Fairy Party

#8–Sharks and Lifeguards Parachute Game

(No picture for this one!)

#7–Itsy Bitsy Spider (craft to correspond with the fingerplay)


#6–Gummy Bear Sorting and Graphing

#5–Heart Attack (for Dad)


#4–Birthday Ideas: Pancake/Pajama Party

#3–Resurrection Eggs (simplified for younger children and corresponding dinner idea)

#2–Simple Homemade Native American Costume (this one has dropped from the #1 spot that it’s held for the past 2 years)

#1–Birthday Ideas: Iron Man Party

Here’s to another great year!!

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