Posted by: ad65shorty | December 4, 2013

Neighborhood Christmas Baking Fun!

This is such a fun, simple (and somewhat messy) activity to do with all the kids in the neighborhood. Host a simple Christmas cookie party, where kids can come and decorate Christmas-shaped sugar cookies to their hearts content! You can go big or keep it to a small few. This is a great all-ages party idea!

My recommendations:

1. Bake the cookies the day before. You can even use the refrigerated sugar cookie dough instead of homemade to make it really easy.

2. Provide each child with a small bowl or cup of frosting. They always want to lick the knife, and this way there is no germ sharing!

3. I like to provide a popsicle stick for spreading instead of a knife. Much easier clean-up!

4. I’ve done big bowls with all the candy in the middle for the kids to share, or I’ve split all the candies into individual smaller bowls so there is no fighting and no hogging of the candies. Sprinkles are a must!

5. Provide lots of shapes for the kids to choose from. Make some for eating now and some they can take home.

6. For even less mess, cover your table with a festive tablecloth.

7. Ask another mom to stay and help!

This is such a simple party for planning and lots of fun for all involved! If you want to make it last longer, put on a fun Christmas movie!

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