Posted by: ad65shorty | November 5, 2013

Yarn Turkey with Service Activity

A favorite idea, perfect for serving and getting in the spirit of the holidays! (guest post from Emily)

Ack! I am in LOVE with this adorable yarn turkey!! Emily emailed me a week or so ago with this idea, and she finally had some time to put it together. She says her family is loving it!

Here’s the info she included:

He’s been spotted in the fridge and seen hanging from the shower curtain. This morning he was hiding in a shoe with a nice note. His name is Tommy the Turkey and he is one shy bird.

If you find Tommy, take him along with you to do a little service, then hide him for someone else to find.

Tommy is made with the same instructions as the yarn spider, but with 6 whole pipe cleaners instead of two cut in half. His long legs help him find the best hiding spots.

So, what you do is make the turkey, then hide the turkey for your children to find. When someone finds him, they do an act of service and then hide him again for another family member to find. Sweet!

Thanx so much, Emily! I love him!

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