Posted by: ad65shorty | October 22, 2013

Halloween Craft Project for Toddlers

One evening, we had my 2-year-old nephew over for the evening. Whenever I have younger kids over for an extended period of time, I let them free-play, but always, always have some more structured activities for them to do, as well, especially when the fights over cars start happening!! This art project was so simple and cheap and kept these 2-year-olds entertained until I ran out of supplies.


I printed off some simple Halloween clipart from the internet. I chose a pumpkin, but anything would work, of course. A haunted house would have been adorable. I bought these foam stickers in Halloween shapes at Target’s Dollar Spot awhile ago. I set the stickers out, as well as some crayons, and let the boys go at it! They got the concept of peeling the backing off the stickers quickly and had so much fun sticking the stickers onto their papers. They also colored the pumpkins a bit, as well!

Both kids have their pictures proudly displayed in their homes! Such a fun, simple, and fairly mess-free art project, perfect for toddlers for Halloween!

(And a secret: My 6-year-old thought this project was pretty fun, as well!)

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