Posted by: ad65shorty | October 18, 2013

Spider Headbands

Another oldie, but a favorite. These spider headbands are so fun!

You’ll need 8 1-inch black strips of paper and another black strip long enough to fit around your child’s head (I usually have to staple 2 together). You’ll also need a stapler and glue.

1. To start, show your child how to fold each strip accordian-style, or like a fan. I use words like, “Take the end and fold a little bit up.” (doing one with your child seems to help) “Now flip the strip over. Take the end again and fold it up.” These don’t have to be perfect. Many kids forget the flip and end up folding them up on the same side so they look curled instead. But they are normally proud of the way they turn out so no worries! 🙂

2. Finish all 8 strips this way.

My 3-year-old’s is on the left. You’ll see she started off really good, then forgot the “flip” and just has folds for the latter part. Still cute. Mine is on the right.

3. Now help your child glue each strip on their headband. I like to use glue so the kids can do it, but if you’d prefer a more “permanent” solution, use a stapler.

You can see the “curled” ones here near the top. This project is very forgiving. If you look at the completed project, you can see how cute both styles are!

4. When dry, staple the headband around your child’s head. Be sure to model in front of a mirror!

Go here for an activity that shows our favorite way of using these!

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