Posted by: ad65shorty | October 15, 2013

Local Fun: Halloween Donuts at Macey’s

We’ve been on Fall Break, which means a break from schedules and routines, less cleaning, and more having fun! For a non-routine breakfast treat, my kids and I did a doughnut run Saturday morning to our local grocery store’s bakery (Macey’s). We were so excited to see these festive doughnut choices!! I had to pass along this fun find!



  1. Those are too cute! What is making the ghost in the middle of the one?

    • So, I’ll be honest: my daughter devoured it before I got a super good look at it, but here’s what I remember from glancing at it in the case. It’s your classic glazed, chocolate frosted doughnut with the ghost in the middle (it actually has a hole in it). I believe the ghost is made from cream (my guess is the same cream this bakery uses for filled doughnuts). I can tell that it’s put on with a piping bag of some sort in spirals. The eyes are dobs of chocolate frosting or syrup (it actually looks like dobs of the black frosting used on the spider web doughnut). It’s so cute, isn’t it?! Personally, it was my favorite of all the selections!! Hopefully that clarifies!!

      • Yes, thank you! That would be really fun to make with just regular doughnuts and some icing of some sort. I haven’t seen anything like that around here. Too cute.

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