Posted by: ad65shorty | August 8, 2013

Local Fun: Springville Splash Pad

Do you need something new for the last couple of days of summer?! Let me recommend the Springville splash pad! It’s the best one around, in my opinion! It caters to all age-groups, which I love since I have a toddler and elementary school kids, and I sometimes have a hard time finding things for both sets of children. This delivers!

The first thing I noticed was the size. It is very spread out. BUT not so spread out that you can’t keep track of your kids. I could be on one side, and they could be on the complete other, and I could still see them. They may have not been able to hear me, but I could keep an eye on them while staying with my toddler. Sooo nice! I also loved that even when there were a bunch of kids, we didn’t feel crowded because there is plenty of space to play. Some of the other splash pads I’ve been to are so crowded that you are literally climbing on top of each other.

There’s a fountain that sprays, similar to the Gateway, although much, much smaller. My big kids really enjoyed this section!



There’s a shallow river about ankle-deep that is 3 times as long as Highland’s. I loved it because my little guy could walk in it and not feel fearful. In the river, there are spouts that shoot in varying heights. The kids love to run under them. There are also rock features to climb on. They are low, which is perfect for little ones. The river has a slight current so it’s fun to start at the top and chase float-able items down it. (I didn’t get very good pictures of these features; you’ll have to take my word for it.)


At the top of the river is a cool water feature. It’s a fountain, where water rolls off the side. The kids can play at the bottom, or its made so they can climb on top and dangle their legs in. It’s pretty mesmerizing, even for me. Definitely keep an eye on your littler ones though because they could easily topple off the top. (you can see a little girl in the background dangling her feet in from the top)


Near that, is another small fountain that is perfect for the little ones. They can climb on it or play in the water trickling off.


I personally love the bronze statues of children playing in the water that are spread throughout the splash pad. Very whimsical. There’s even one of child holding a hose that shoots real water. The kids seem to really like this one. (pictured below)  Springville is known as the Art City so I love that small touch.


If your kids get bored playing in the water, there’s a playground there, as well. Unfortunately, it is not built for the 3 and under crowd, in my opinion, except for a couple of swings. But my older children had a blast! Once again, it’s totally in sight, which I love.


There is a fair amount of shade and parking. And there are bathrooms close by (you can see them in the background of the picture of the bronze statue).

We have spent a couple of days this summer there. We love to bring a sack lunch and just enjoy the day!

Location: 50 South Main Street, Springville. I like to turn on 100 West and park on the street or in the parking lot nearby (at the police station). If you can’t find parking there, you can go around the corner and park on Center Street or Main (aka State St).

Check it out, and let me know what you think!


  1. We love the Springville splash pad, its the best in the area! The river part is so fun. I wonder if we were ever there at the same time!

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