Posted by: ad65shorty | June 28, 2013

Local Fun: Lucky’s Shave Ice

This is not your typical snow cone shack! Oh. my! We are in love with Lucky’s Hawaiian Style Shave Ice!! The ice is smooth, not crunchy. You can pick up to three flavors of syrup (many are Hawaiian-themed, like Mai Tai, but they also have the classics, like Blue Bubblegum). And you can add cream to the top, or ice cream to the bottom, or a sour spray for a really sour kick. I loved the cups they served them in, as well! The best part was the size!! The one pictured below looks like a small (I stole it from their FB page, as ours were gone before I even thought about a picture). There’s a kiddy one, which is a bit smaller. And the large looks like a big ol’ gob of cotton candy. Really big. The prices were great. The kiddy size was $2.00, the small was $3.00, and the large was $4.00. It’s a bit extra for the ice cream and cream (less than a buck a piece, if I remember right). And they even have chairs to sit on in the shade. So nice on a hot (100 degree day like today!).

snow cone

Our only complaint was the wait (but that’s a good sign, right?!). We probably waited in line just to order for 20 minutes, and then had to wait for our shave ice after that. The kids were hot and tired and miserable… Oh, and I recommend bringing cash, as their card machine has problems and made the wait even longer. Besides that though, I highly recommend it!

Wanna try it? The official address is 700 North 900 West in American Fork (the street that goes between Costco and Del Tac0). You go past Costco to the light, and it’s on the right on the corner. You can visit their Facebook page here for more info and for deals.

Definitely the best “snow cones” we’ve ever had!


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