Posted by: ad65shorty | April 25, 2013

Plant Parts


This is a great activity to teach and help your children remember the function of each plant part!! My students could go home and teach their parents this, even in in preschool. Amazing!

Have your children draw some dirt with a crayon first. Make sure they draw it near the bottom of their paper. Plants need dirt to grow.

Glue yarn on for roots in the dirt section. Just as the yarn soaks up water, roots reach out in the dirt, searching for, and soaking up water to feed the plant. (you could have them glue the stem on first, if it’ll help with placing)

Glue a straw on for the stem. The stem sucks the water up from the roots to feed the rest of the plant, just like when you suck through a straw.

Glue a paper baking cup at the top of the stem for the flower. Your children can decorate this with crayons or cut it to look like petals. In the middle of the baking cup, glue some seeds. The flower makes the seeds.

Glue on a leaf (you can use a real leaf or paper). Have your children draw a sun in the sky. The leaf uses the sun to also feed the plant.

We also discuss what else a plant needs, such as air and water, and then draw those things in, too.

With this activity, your children should be able to tell all the basic plant parts and their functions, as well as what a plant needs to grow. With older children, you could have them write or glue labels on with the plant parts. With my preschoolers, they just glued a slip on the back with all this info (to help their parents prompt them, if needed).

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