Posted by: ad65shorty | April 2, 2013

Hands-On Science: Ant Farm


This year, instead of butterflies, I ordered an Ant Farm for my kids. I thought it’d be fun for my kids to see what goes on underground. It has been so interesting to see how busy those ants are. They seem to never stop working. They are truly a colony, in every sense of the word; every ant seems to have a specific job, from tunneling, to scouting, to retrieving food, to even burying their own dead. They even take time every day to bathe themselves. So interesting! And the tunnels?! Just plain cool.

Want some for yourself? Go here.

PS  My kids are still begging for butterflies. Stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll have those before the month is over. (Oh, what a spring tradition I have started!)


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