Posted by: ad65shorty | March 29, 2013

Easter Spring Treat: Marshmallow Bunny in a Dirt Cup

I was asked to do the treat for my son’s “spring” party. The room mom requested something different than cookies or cupcakes. And I was told the kids would be at my station for 15 minutes. Well, eating a snack does not take 15 minutes, and I didn’t want to have a lot of idle time on my hands so I came up with this cute treat idea. A “craft” and treat all in one!


1. Make your basic “dirt cup.” We used chocolate ice cream for the base. Pudding also works, but ice cream was easier in this situation. Then, add a couple of scoops of crushed oreos. The room mom used her food processor to crush them, and got it really fine without the frosting getting all over. I have also used chocolate teddy grahams for less mess. Dirt cups must have a gummy worm! We also added some gummy bunnies.

2. Provide a whole array of marshmallows. We got small and large, and also provided white and colored. Using toothpicks and marshmallows, construct a bunny. This is so open-ended, and the kids did a great job! They used scissors to cut the marshmallows, if they wanted. We also provided food markers so they could make a face on their bunny. And all bunnies need a carrot, so we bought those candy orange slices and cut them into triangles to resemble carrots. (You can see mine at the bottom right. Some of the kids had their bunny holding it. So cute!)

So much fun! Wouldn’t your little bunnies love this as an Easter treat?!

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