Posted by: ad65shorty | March 26, 2013

“Egg” Your Neighbors for Easter!

We had a fun surprise last night, and I had to share. Our doorbell rang, and when we went to answer it, there was simply a sign on our door that said, “We EGGED your house. Look for 12 eggs in your yard. Love, The Easter Bunnies” An anonymous neighbor left 12 plastic eggs hidden in our yard filled with fun surprises. When my kids read the note, they ran out the door, so excited to go on this simple egg hunt and see what was inside each egg. I had a smile on my face all evening to think that someone thought of us! What a great tradition!


And thank you to whoever “egged” us last night! It was such a fun surprise!


PS  I also think it’d be fun to do like the “Boo,” where when you are egged, you get to pass it along to someone else, and then they pass it along. They could even use the same eggs! You could put a sign on your window/door that says, “We’ve been egged” and then maybe everyone in the neighborhood would have a chance. Good neighborhood fun. Just a thought. This was so fun! I’m so glad someone did it to us!


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