Posted by: ad65shorty | March 22, 2013

Local Fun: Waffle Truck

Oh. My. There are no words. I heard about the Waffle Truck, but I had no idea it was so deelish!

So, the Waffle Truck is a truck that serves gourmet, liege waffles right out of its truck! It travels around Utah County and changes locations every day. You have to like their page on Facebook to see where they’re going to be that day. Really fun! (And isn’t it beautiful?! The wife of the owner painted it.)


A week or so ago, I was doing a “Boy’s Night” with my boys. The Waffle Truck was in a location near our home so we decided to try it out. After my son’s soccer game, we loaded up with some friends from the team and went. We told the kids it was a mystery we had to solve and drove to the location. We didn’t know exactly where it was going to be so it was fun to have them looking for the truck. There were screams all around when we saw it!

There were about 10 people in line. The line moved very quickly; they definitely have a good system. You order a waffle (it was $3.50). These are gourmet, dessert waffles so big and thick. You then pick your toppings. They have fruit, cream, Nutella, etc. These are a buck to $2.00 a piece. My family ordered the special for the night, which was stuffed chocolate with cream on top ($5.00).


Our verdict:  First off, it was beautiful. The cream looked like a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. But it doesn’t taste like ice cream. My son dove right in and spit it out. It’s European cream, which tastes like butter. My friend, who lived in Germany for 2 years, said to just spread it on top. We did and pushed the rest to the side. By doing that, the cream added to the yumminess, but didn’t overtake the rest of the flavors. Perfect. We gobbled it down. The waffles were very, very rich. My boys and I shared one, and it was plenty. We brought our own water. So glad we did! I also tried my friend’s; she ordered Nutella, strawberries, and cream (pictured above). I don’t know which I liked better. We loved it and will definitely be going back!


Want to try the Waffle Truck for yourself? Go here. I promise. You will not be disappointed!!

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