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Fog Bubbles Made With Dry Ice

Okay, this science experiment is cool!!! I found it on Steven Spangler Science. I had never been to the site before, but it is FILLED with science experiment ideas. You can also register to receive an email with a weekly science experiment idea. Check it out! You will not be disappointed, I promise.


So, I was looking for a unique experiment to do with my Cub Scouts, and this one was perfect! The contraption (that you make) makes bubbles. The bubbles are made from bubble solution and dry ice. BUT they are heavy so they sink instead of float. And you can actually bounce them or hold them for a minute or so. And when they pop, they burst into fog! aMAZing!

The site calls them Boo Bubbles because they’re spooky enough for Halloween. Directions from their site. There is also a video that shows you the bubbles. I recommend it.


Two liter bottle

Dry ice

Heavy duty gloves (for handling the dry ice)


Strip of cotton fabric

Rubber tubing (I found mine at Home Depot in the plumbers section–cost me around $5)

Bubble solution (my favorite recipe below)

Utility blade (box cutter)

Small plastic portion cups (2 oz works best)


Knit gloves


1. Use a utility blade (like a box cutter) to carefully cut the top off of the two liter bottle. Make sure the the hole in the top of the two liter bottle is not larger than the funnel you’ll be using.

2.  Attach a length of rubber tubing to the narrow end of the funnel by squeezing the funnel into the tubing.

3.  Use the utility blade to cut a hole in the bottom of a small plastic portion cup just large enough to fit the rubber tubing.

4.  Slide the end of the rubber tubing (not attached to the funnel) into the hole in the portion cup.

5.  Mix up a batch of your favorite bubble solution in a cup that is large enough to fit your portion cup.  (my favorite recipe below)

6.  Fill 1/6 of the two liter bottle with warm water and add in a few pieces of dry ice.

7.  Place the funnel over the hole in the two liter bottle. Awesome! The smoke comes pouring out of the tube! If you adjust how much of the hole is covered by the funnel, you’ll see a change in the pressure of the smoke coming from the tubing. Once you’ve figured out a comfortable pressure, remove the funnel (not permanately–just so you can dunk the other end in the bubble solution).

8.  Dunk the portion cup into the bubble solution and cover the top of the bottle with the funnel and watch what happens!

9.  When the bubble reaches the perfect size, gently shake it off of the portion cup and it will quickly fall to the ground (it’s heavier than a normal bubble because the bubble is filled with carbon dioxide gas and water vapor).

10.  When the bubble hits the ground, it bursts and the cloud of fog erupts from the bubble. Very cool.

11.  Want your Boo Bubbles to last? Shake them onto a towel.


Experiment with it:

1. We actually took the little cup off the end and just used the tubing for a bit.

2. Can you catch one?  Can you bounce it?

3. What happens if you take off the gloves? Can you still catch it? Do different gloves make a difference?

4.  What happens if you use cold water instead of warm?

Bubble Solution (from my daughter’s old preschool teacher):

2 1/2 cups water

1/2 cup light Karo syrup

Mix in a bowl and put in microwave for 4 minutes.

Then gently mix in 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap.

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