Posted by: ad65shorty | January 3, 2013

Stories For Snuggling: The Mitten

The Mitten by Jan Brett: Book Cover

The Mitten by Jan Brett

I love this book (and this author)!!! I’ve created some fun activities to go with it!! There are some activities for your children to do with their bodies, and some fine motor activities, and some puppet fun! Check out my article at Blissfully Domestic to get all the details and join in the fun!

The Mitten Puppets with Paper Mitten for Lacing

This one is my favorite. I provided two pieces of white paper that were cut into a large mitten shape. I had previously cut holes around the outside, leaving the end open so the children can put the animals inside. I then provided string and had the children “sew” the mitten together (or lace it together). This worked on their fine motor skills. We then colored the animals from her website, which are the same ones from the book, although I don’t think I made them into puppets when I did this in my classroom. We numbered the backs so the kids would remember the order of the animals. We then practiced telling the story over and over, placing the animals into the mitten, until the kids were all comfortable doing it. I provided Ziplocks for them to store everything in.

Check out the article at Blissfully Domestic for the link to her site and other fun ideas!

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