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Frosty the Snowman Footprint Craft

A year ago this week, I appeared on TV to share this fun craft! It’s one of my personal favorites so I had to share it again this year! It definitely made a perfect gift for our grandparents! (and I still can’t get over my then 4-month old’s baby snowman!)

Ack! I am so excited to share this project with you! I had a vision, and although I had to do a couple of adaptations, it came out just like I had seen it in my mind, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I love reading books with my kids, and then doing a fun extension activity with it. I thought this craft would be fun to make as a Christmas gift for Grandma or to hang in my home for the winter season.

Book Cover

By Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins

Summary: I love this version of Frosty!  This book’s pictures take you back to the 1950s, when the original song was written. The pictures are big, colorful, and simple. The storyline is simply the words of the song, which are easy for kids to recite. Definitely a must-have in any home library! (and, as an added bonus, the piano music is written in both the front and back covers)

Snowmen at Christmas

By Caralyn Beuhner

Summary: Have you ever wondered what happens to snowmen when the night comes? How do they celebrate Christmas? The pictures make this story almost magical. Definitely a must-read.

Extension Art Activity:


  • Art canvas (I used an 11 x 14)
  • Light blue paint (I used acrylic)
  • White paint (again, I used acrylic)
  • White fairy dust glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Sponge brush
  • Paint pallet (I like paper plates. Easy clean-up!)
  • Markers
  • Paint shirt to cover child


1. Cover your work area. Also cover yourself and your children, as this paint does stain! (Personally, I like Dad’s old t-shirts because they cover from head-to-toe.)

2. Have your child paint the canvas light blue with sponge brush.  Be sure to get the sides!  Let dry (my paint took about 15 minutes to dry). Add a 2nd coat, if desired.

3. Have your child paint white paint at the bottom of the canvas to look like snow on the ground. Okay, so this is where my vision came in. I wanted the “snow” to sparkle like real snow and to really pop! I looked all-over trying to find paint with glitter, but couldn’t find any to my liking. I wanted SPARKLE and GLIMMER and SHINE!! But I had this vision, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less! So, here’s my solution: I found some white fairy dust glitter and had my kids just sprinkle it on top while the paint is still wet. Wahlah! SPARKLE!! It looks like shimmery snow to me! I am so excited! Shake off excess and let dry. (Obviously, you could do this project without the glitter and just use white paint. Still cute! But I like the bling!)


4. Pour white paint onto paint pallet (I like to use a large paper plate because I can just throw it away afterwards. It also fits my children’s feet pretty well). Place your child’s foot on the paint. Use a paint brush to get all the spaces and to get the paint evenly distributed. Expect giggles! Gently press your child’s foot onto the canvas (I find that if I turn the canvas so that the “snow ground” is at the top, my children can simply place their feet on with no twisting and turning of their bodies). Sprinkle with more fairy dust while the paint is wet.  Shake off excess and let dry. Tip: I like to do this portion in the bathroom. I place the canvas on the floor so that they can simply step to make their print. After they have done their footprint, they can put their feet in the bathtub and wash off. Easy clean-up, too!

Can you see how the canvas is “turned” so she can put her foot on comfortably?

5. When dry, let your child decorate the snowman with markers.

6. Be sure to write the date and age of your child on the back.

7. Wrap up pretty to give to Grandma for Christmas! Personally, we have ours hung on the wall to display through the winter. An easel would also be cute! And I’m thinking a child’s apron could be fun–perfect for all the Christmas baking. Or an apron for mom or grandma. We have also made these snowmen on long construction paper (laminated) to use as placemats. And of course, I love using it as a portion of a handprint/footprint calendar.

(This project was featured on the Daily Dish.)

(And go here to see some from my readers!)

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