Posted by: ad65shorty | December 6, 2012

Homemade Glitter Bulbs

I saw this glitter bulb on TV last year and knew it was perfect for our annual ornament! (I didn’t write down the source–just went from memory) I love how sparkly they are! I also like that it’s another easy one for kids–with assistance. We did ours all colors (we even have some that have more than one color), but you could choose colors that match your tree.



clear Christmas ornaments (I got mine at my local craft store)

Pledge floor cleaner (yes, you read that right–FLOOR cleaner!)

glitter (any kind is fine, but I think the fine glitter, ie fairy dust, looks prettier)

a funnel (you can even make one with paper)


1. Cover your work area. This stuff does NOT come off the table!

2. Take the tops off your bulbs.

3. Pour Pledge floor cleaner into the bulb–just enough to coat the inside like glue. I remember the lady saying not to shake it or you end up with air bubbles so you just roll it around. Then dump out the extra.

4. Using a funnel, pour the glitter in. Roll it around to coat the inside. Shake out the extra.

5. Let dry overnight.

6. In the morning, put the tops back on.

7. We then used Sharpies to write names and the date.

Here’s a picture of them all completed, before they went on the tree:


Aren’t they pretty?

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