Posted by: ad65shorty | October 5, 2012

LDS General Conference Ideas for Children

Today I will pull from my archives to share some fun ideas (it’s been a rough week migraine-wise). Please feel free to share your own ideas ’cause I’ll be putting mine together tonite! Thanx!

Emily’s Speaker Snacks:  a surprise snack for each time an apostle speaks (ie OAKSmeal cookies, EyRING pops)

Conference Baggies (via Sugardoodle):  similar to Emily’s idea above, but some are activities, in addition to treats (like Bingo, markers, playdough etc).

Another snack idea: This time the kids listen for specific words and get to eat one treat when they hear it (ie popcorn=Jesus, goldfish=family).

Ideas from, like Conference Bingo and coloring pages.

My archives: Click on each link for links to other ideas, such as puppets, packets, etc.

Someone on Facebook wrote that they read about King Benjamin with their children, and then apply it to our modern-day. They then set up a tent in their living room like the people in King Benjamin’s time and watch Conference. Cute!

What does your family do to make Conference meaningful?


  1. Love this idea! We gave our kids Dallin H Cokes yesterday. They ended up a little wired, but loved Conference!

  2. Love Emily’s Speaker Snacks! We gave our kids Dallin H “Cokes” yesterday. They were a bit wired, but really enjoyed Conference! Thanks

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