Posted by: ad65shorty | September 25, 2012

Little Free Library in Your Neighborhood!

Oh! I am in LOVE with this idea of a little free library!! I guess these are popping up all over the world! The teacher in me screams, “YES!!!! Literacy in a personal, fun way!” How fun would the neighborhood kids (and adults) have grabbing a new read and replacing it with an old favorite? And doesn’t it seem so Little Women to you? Remember the “mailbox” the March girls and Laurie had?

So, the gist of the Little Free Library is this: You create in your own neighborhood a little reading nook, where neighbors and friends can exchange books; your own personal library in your small community.

For more info, go here. This is where it all originates from.

This is where I first saw the idea and got the picture above. I love the look of the one above.

Question: Have you heard of these before? Have you tried it in your neighborhood and how has it done?



  1. You’ve got to do it! It’s so, so much fun. And I feel the same way you do: spreading literacy in a personal way. I was obsessed before I made it, and even more obsessed afterwards (that’s mine above, if that’s not clear).

    • Thanx, Julie!! I LOVE yours!

      How has it done in your neighborhood?

      • Hi! So far it has done pretty well. There was a huge surge right after we put it up (probably buoyed by people’s curiosity about what it was going to be — everyone thought we were going to keep an animal in it!). The first day we had almost 75% book turnover. The kids books go fast, but the adult books go fairly regularly too — one every few days.

        A woman just came by two days ago with a huge box of books (after she read about us in local press) and there was a lot of really good stuff in there, so I weeded out books that no one had taken yet, and put in the new stuff. I have to say, I think everyone should put a light in their Little Free Library. Most of our books get taken at night (adult books, at least). Our local public library is having their annual book sale in a few weeks, and I’m going to go and get some more kids stuff, especially middle grade novels and graphic novels. We have a few reluctant readers around here, and I’ve got to get a book in their hands!

  2. I really want to steward one of these. Would have to ok it with my downstairs neighbor and figure out how to build one of these puppies, but SO FUN!

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