Posted by: ad65shorty | August 16, 2012

Kissing Hand Craft and Snack Idea

This is my favorite back-to-school book. It’s catered to the little ones leaving home for the first time.

kids Fun With Books: The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn


Chester Raccoon doesn’t want to go to school; he wants to stay home with his mother. She reassures him that everything will be fine… because she knows a secret! It’s the secret of the Kissing Hand. She then spreads his fingers and gives him a kiss right in the middle of his palm. He feels warm fuzzies go throughout his body. Whenever he feels lonely, he simply puts his hand to his cheek and will know that his mom loves him. Chester loves the Kissing Hand so much that he gives one to his mom in return!

My daughter asks for a Kissing Hand every time we part, even at bedtime, and requires that she gives me one in return. This has become our little ritual, and I love it!

Activity Idea:

Make your own kissing hand!

1. Put paint on your child’s hand and help them place their handprint on paper.

2. When dry, place a heart sticker in the middle. I didn’t have a heart sticker so I used an adhesive label and drew a heart on it.

3. You could have your child draw a picture of themself at school or with their family.

4. It’d be fun to do one of your hand, too!!

5. Be sure to really kiss your child’s hand that first morning when they leave for school!

Snack Idea:

Two-Tone Sandwiches

from Family Fun

Send a kissing hand sandwich to school in your child’s lunch! My son loved this on his first day of 1st grade!

My version

What are your favorite back-to-school books and activities?

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