Posted by: ad65shorty | June 22, 2012

Local Fun: Parks!

Locals: Need a new park to play at?! I’ve got the list for you! But I can’t take credit; this list of local parks was compiled by a neighbor (Thanx, Michelle!).

Dry Creek Trail Park 100 West 1500 North, Lehi

Centennial Park 2250 North 600 West, Lehi

Pool Park 451 East 200 South, Lehi

Band Wagon Park 900 North 200 West, Lehi

Neptune Park 473 West 400 North, Saratoga Springs

Summer Crest Park 1900 North 1100 East, Lehi

Rotary Park 400 South 200 East, American Fork

Wines Park 500 North Center St., Lehi

Gateway Park 1450 West 1870 North, Lehi

Lehi City Sports Park 2000 West 700 South, Lehi

Olympic Park 1650 North 2650 West, Lehi

Robinson Park 100 East Main, American Fork

Sommerset Park (Large) 200 South 1700 West, Lehi

Discovery Park 100 East 1510 North, Pleasant Grove

Greens Park 1900 North 1700 West, Lehi

Allred Park 560 North 750 West, Lehi

And here’s a link to a couple more, just in case the above didn’t suit your fancy!

Go check one out!! And have fun!

Any that are your favorites?!

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