Posted by: ad65shorty | June 21, 2012

Mystery Motivation for Children

So, many of you don’t know, but I have been sick since the day I got pregnant with my little one a year and 1/2 ago. If you’ve been to my house, you would see that things have changed since then. My house is no longer as clutter-free, and definitely not spotless, like it used to be. I just can’t keep up when I’m trying to just get through the day. It’s been an adjustment for everyone in my home.

I realized one day that my kids are getting older and can definitely do quite a bit to help out more (thus taking some of the stress and responsibility off of me), but motivating kids is down-right hard! My kids complain and sometimes I have to ask more than once (or more than 5 times!). I realized that they needed something to help motivate them, in addition to their daily chore chart and allowance that they get at the end of the week. And I wanted it to be fun! So, I came up with this idea:

My kids LOVE crafts! My house is always strewn with crafting supplies, and we always have a project going on. So, I decided to use this interest of theirs to my advantage. I bought some cheap, but fun crafting supplies for my kids (stickers, glitter, colored pencils, window markers, etc). I took each item and put them in a cute paper bag and stapled the bag shut so they are a mystery. I then made a chart with 5 spaces on it and hung it on the fridge.

Mystery Craft Bag!

When my kids are “responsible,” they get a sticker on their chart. To me, being “responsible” means trash goes in the proper trash can (not on the floor), they clean-up their room by putting toys in the correct spot (not hiding stuff in the closet, under the bed, or in the dresser), they do something without me nagging, clothes go in the dirty clothes basket, or anything else I see fit (for example, my daughter not only put away her outside toys today without help, with me only asking once, she even took the time to close the garage and wash her hands). When they get 5 stickers on their chart, they get to open a “mystery craft!” Oh, the excitement!!! We then begin again with a new chart. (Side note: Because my  kids don’t earn a sticker every day, we’re not going through crafts every 5 days, which is nice on the pocketbook.)

Sticker Chart

We’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, and the excitement is still there! It has made such a difference in our home with attitude and cleaning up. Everyone is so much happier, and I’m yelling less (I mean, I never yell…).

What motivates your children?



  1. That is a great idea! I feel awful that you are still feeling so miserable. Love ya!

    • Thanx, Brittany!

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