Posted by: ad65shorty | June 6, 2012

Sky Lanterns, Take 2

Remember this post when I ordered sky lanterns for the first day of summer? Well, we set them off this past weekend. One word: MAGICAL! (Note: These have since been banned in many states. Check your state’s regulations before ordering.)

Here is my review:

1. They were bigger than we thought. Maybe 2 1/2 feet tall? They’re like mini hot air balloons.

2. They are fragile. Have an adult help unfold it and prep it. One of ours got a hole in it. It did float but it went down before it was supposed to, which was kind of scary…

3. They are easy to light. They take about a minute or two to heat up, which means there is some wait time. We only set off a few at a time, but next year plan on giving everyone one to hold (including the kids) while one person lights so we can set them off closer together.

4. The biggest question I get is fire hazard. All of ours (except for the one with the hole) went out really high in the air, then slowly floated down. So, the fire was out and they were cool when they touched ground.

5. They go high! It was a little windy the night we set ours off, but the wind just took them! They looked like tiny stars in the sky at their highest point.

6. I really like the company we ordered from. They lasted a good, long while. My friend got some at our local party store, and they went out fairly quickly. (also, ours were 2 bucks cheaper than hers–I’m just sayin’)

7. Expect it all to end too soon…

**I’d love to hear if any of you have done these and what your experience was. I think these would be aMAZing at a family reunion!!



  1. I’m just wondering what would happen if the wind took them to a tree and they got stuck there while still burning. Also, did you have a hard time finding them to clean them up when they landed?

    • Becki,

      I don’t know. We launched ours in a big, open field and little wind. You’ll definitely want to do them where there are fewer hazards.

      It was DARK when we were done, and they flew FAR so we didn’t pick them up. I’m not sure what happens to them afterwards. I know they’re biodegradable…

      We had a great experience, but if you have concerns, then I wouldn’t do them. Thanx for the questions!

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