Posted by: ad65shorty | May 23, 2012

Ladybug Counting


This is a simple matching game that I created. It doesn’t take too much prep, and if laminated, will last for a good, long time!


Paper ladybugs (directions below)

Black beans


Have your children place dots (black beans) on the ladybugs, according to the number shown on the bug.

How to make the ladybugs:

1.  Cut three circles–one big one out of red paper (wings), one big one out of black paper (body), and one small one out of black paper (head).

2.  Cut the red circles in half.

3.  Glue the red halves onto the big black circle–separate them a bit to look like wings.

4.  Glue the small black circle on top.

5.  Write the numbers on the body in between the wings.  I did 1-10 for preschoolers, but focus on whatever your child needs.

6.  Do not put any dots on the ladybugs. These will be placed by the children.

Another version you may enjoy with letters. Great for letter recognition or spelling practice!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I came back to this post and made them again today! I did this with my girls a few years ago and remembered it for Ty’s preschool on insects this week. I have benefited many times from this “little blog”!!

    • Thanx, Lauren! You just made my night!

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