Posted by: ad65shorty | May 18, 2012

Hands Free Mama

I came across this article called How to Miss a Childhood last night about this woman’s journey to be more involved in her children’s life–distraction free. I then followed the link to her blog, Hands Free Mama. There she shares ideas on how to really LIVE with these precious babies of ours, instead of spending so much time on our phones or on-line. Now while we don’t own cell phones, I got some new ideas of things I can improve on. Just in the past week, I’ve set some strict guidelines for technology in our home this summer, hoping we can make some lasting memories. This blog goes right along with my goals.

If you’re wanting some inspiration, especially with summer coming, read more! I know I’ll be following!!



  1. I read this article the other day as well and fell in love with her!!

  2. Thanks for this Angee. She has a beautiful way with words and definitely has a point! With Girl’s camp imminent I have found myself on the computer and phone a lot more, and stretched too thin with my kids. I usually try to limit my computer time to when they are sleeping, but lately it has had to be more. Today I could tell Maddie was sick of it, so we sat on the floor and played Strawberry shortcake, and ended up giggling and tickling. It was so sweet and I was so glad we reconnected.

    I look forward to summer so we can not be in a hurry! And hopefully after camp life will feel a little more balanced!

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