Posted by: ad65shorty | April 20, 2012

Butterfly Lifecycle Sequencing

For some reason, this post is one of my of top hits so I thought I’d re-share it today:

Make some cards of the butterfly lifecycle for your children to put in order. I used this one from Enchanted Learning.

I also like to make this activity more hands-on. Making the cycle using pasta is lots of fun!

1.  Rice or acini de pepe (can be found by the noodles) = eggs

2.  Corkscrew pasta = caterpillars

3.  Shell pasta = chrysallis

4.  Bow-tie pasta = butterflies

I like doing it in a circle so it shows the cycle. I also have the kids decorate the background of each section with crayons, such as a leaf for the eggs, a twig for the chrysallis, etc. Also, each section is numbered 1 through 4.

completed by 6-year-old

I also have this version my son brought home from school years ago. I love that the noodles are colored with markers!


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