Posted by: ad65shorty | April 18, 2012

Be a Butterfly!

How fun to let your children pretend to be butterflies!! There are many ways to do this, and your children will probably come up with their own ways, but here are a couple of ideas:

1.  Provide materials for the butterfly’s lifecycle. For the caterpillar, you can use a pillowcase, blanket, or sleeping bag and let your children wiggle around the room and then hide inside for the chrysallis. For the butterfly, provide attenaes (you can make some using pipe cleaners and a headband) and butterfly wings (purchase or make your own with fabric. Or, you can cut some out of big paper, decorate, and pin or tape on your child).


in his chrysallis

a beautiful butterfly!! (don't mind that his wings are on his bum!)

a beautiful butterfly!! (don't mind that his wings are on his bum!)

2.  Drink flower nectar (juice with a straw) like a butterfly.

3.  Make a butterfly garden by putting flowers around the room. Your children can then visit the garden as butterflies.

4. Make butterfly masks for your kids to wear.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: board book & CD

5.  Act out The Very Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle. Provide the food the story talks about and let your child act it out as you re-tell it. Check out Eric Carle’s website for more ideas:

6. Or make this trifle to go with the book:

I’d love to see pictures of your children doing this activity. My kids had a blast and were very creative! Have fun!!

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