Posted by: ad65shorty | April 5, 2012

Shaving Cream Eggs

This is a favorite in our house!

Another messy, but fun project!! (sorry my pictures are so dark–not sure why!)


shaving cream

food coloring

cookie sheet (optional)


paintbrush or craft stick (optional)

something flat (like a ruler or craft stick)


1.  Put a pile of shaving cream on the table or easel (or for less mess, do it in a cookie sheet).  (*not safe on wood tables*)

2.  Let your children choose some colors of food coloring (I let them choose one or two, or the colors have a tendency to turn brown). If they choose more than one, be sure to discuss what happens when they mix the colors!

3.  Have your children play in the shaving cream. I like to let them use their hands, but because of the food coloring, their hands may be colored for the rest of the day. If you don’t want this, have them use a craft stick or paintbrush to mix. (or my friend, Gina, suggested using latex gloves)

4.  When they are satisfied with the color (nice swirly colors), have them take a piece of paper and press it flat on top.

5.  With your help, gently peel it off and let your children continue to play in the shaving cream.

6.  Using your flat tool, scrape off any excess shaving cream. Allow to dry.

7.  When dry, trace some egg shapes on it and cut them out (I like to have the children cut them out).

*I love using shaving cream as a learning resource!! Have your children practice writing letters, numbers, and their names! They love it because it’s fun, you love it because they’re learning, and it’s kinesthetic, which helps children retain info better! You can’t go wrong!

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