Posted by: ad65shorty | April 5, 2012


I received 2 awards this week from Natalie at Utah Valley Family Adventures. She blogs about things they’ve done as a family here in the local area and gives great reviews–good and bad. If you’re local, check her out!

I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass these along to 7 other bloggers. I tried to come up with some new ideas that I haven’t shared in the past. Here goes:

7 Things About Myself:

1.  I love traveling. If I had all the money in the world, I would travel and experience, making memories with my family.

2.  I am a girly-girl. Give me curls, ruffles, and skirts any day! My daughter, on the other hand, isn’t. And it drives me crazy! Yes, she loves skirts. But she also loves bugs, getting dirty, and will NOT let me do anything to her hair!

3.  I hate crowds. They make me claustrophobic and stress me out!

4.  I’m probably the only one in the world, but I’m not a fan of Pinterest (everyone gasp in surprise!). It makes me feel inadequate. I choose to avoid things that make me feel that way so I avoid Pinterest as much as possible.

5.  I get very cranky when I’m hungry. Don’t go there.

6.  I love to take naps. I wish I could sleep every afternoon for an hour. Heaven!

7.  I love the ocean. My ultimate dream would be to live near the ocean one day. But I also have a big weak spot for the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful, in my opinion.

7 Blogs I Love:

I love reading blogs about people who have overcome incredible odds. They inspire me deeply. Today I share with you my daily doses of inspiration.

1. Enjoying the Small Things: Kelle is a mother of two little girls. Her youngest has Down Syndrome. She blogs daily about finding joy in the journey. She has such a gift for the written word and photography.

2. Hope Smiling Brightly: Molly lost her little girl almost 4 years ago. She blogs frequently about the grieving process. Her blog makes me hold my little ones tighter; appreciate the small, every day moments; and spend more quality time with them.

3. NieNie Dialogues: Most of us know her incredible story about overcoming the next to impossible. I went to college with her husband, Christian, and was sucked in the minute I realized it was his family. I love her attitude, her perspective on life, and of course, her inner beauty! What an inspiration!

4. The Kings: This is a more recent find for me. Lisa has four sons. Her 2nd, Noah, was born with very severe brain damage, and they were told he wouldn’t live to be 2. Well, he beat the odds and made it to his 10th birthday! He passed away this past October. Then in January, while on “holiday,” Lisa’s husband died from an unknown heart condition. A story of healing and love.

5. Hope for Sarah: Sarah is a young mother of two. She has had cancer twice and has beat it twice! She is the most loving, happy, selfless person you will ever meet! I love her! And I can say that because Sarah and I were in the same neighborhood years ago, and I watched her go through the fight.

6. No Empty Chairs: Another blog about an angel baby. I don’t know what it is about Andrea, but she has such a sweet spirit in her writing. She’s one I’d like to meet in person someday, just to feel of her spirit.

7. Pink Moss: Wow! Janae has overcome some incredible trials: her husband’s addiction, foster care, bankruptcy, 6 daughters, and they just adopted a son–in less than a week! She has a great sense of humor and is such an inspiration!

Thanx, Natalie! This was fun!


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