Posted by: ad65shorty | March 6, 2012

Raingutter Bookshelves

We love these raingutter bookshelves hanging by each child’s bed. Research shows that children are more likely to pick up a book when they can see the cover, rather the spine. I’ve always wanted one of those front-facing bookshelves, but man! they are PRICEY! This was the perfect solution! Made from vinyl raingutters (yes! raingutters found at the hardware store that are used on houses!), these were easy to install, are durable, cute, and totally budget-friendly. We love them! At bedtime, my kids enjoy reading their books in their beds on their own personal bookshelf. And I like to think I’m raising these amazing readers now! 🙂

Wanna make some? Go here!

**My pictures aren’t the best. My son’s is a litte lower than I wanted, and I couldn’t get a good picture of both bookshelves because of it. You can see his books peeking out of the top. (and I’m sure my short height doesn’t contribute!)



  1. This is SO cute!!!! I will have to do this for Ella so she doesn’t end up sleeping in a pile of books!

    • Lauren, That’s one reason why I wanted them, too. I was worried about the books getting bent in the middle of the night. Or worse—peed on! They’ve been great!

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