Posted by: ad65shorty | February 20, 2012

Letter Writing Practice on a Bathroom Mirror

Do you ever have those mornings when you’re trying to get ready, but the baby needs you and your other child wants attention and it’s noon and you’re still wearing your pajamas? Me, too. One morning awhile ago, my 4-year-old just followed me around, needing some time with Mom. I desperately needed to get ready for the day because we were leaving in about an hour, and I was torn. As she was getting into my hair products and make-up, I saw the white board marker sitting on my bathroom counter–the marker my husband and I use to write messages to each other on our bathroom mirror. And the idea came: I wrote the letter she was learning in preschool that day on the mirror, cleared my bathroom counter off, and asked her to climb up there. I then showed her how to make the letter, and let her practice on my mirror as I got ready (we also practiced her name). It was brilliant! I could assess her letter formation, spend time with her, and get ready at the same time! AND she loved it! When she was done, we simply wiped the mirror off with a tissue!


  1. This is so sweet! My kids would go nuts over it! Maybe I should get a few markers… I also just saw window markers on a friend’s blog. How fun!

  2. Thanx, Lauren! It’s turned into one of her favorite activities. We use it for all sorts of writing practice–her name and loved ones names most often. Sometimes sight words, depending on my mood! 🙂

    Window markers would also work. Great idea!

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