Posted by: ad65shorty | February 6, 2012

Heart Stamp Art for Valentine’s Day

One of our favorite Valentine’s art projects (originally found here)!

1. Gather your supplies:

red paint (I think pink would be adorable, too!)

white paper

toilet paper roll

paint pallet (I used paper plates)

2. You just need to squish the TP roll into a heart. It takes a little bit of squishing and adjusting, but the kids don’t seem to mind if it’s a little off.

3. Pour some paint on the pallet and help your child get the end of the TP roll covered in paint.

4. Show your child how to “stamp” it.

5. Let them go at it until they’re done!

completed by 4-year-old

Marie had hers cut into a heart-shape, which I love:

make and takes heart-shaped stamps!

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