Posted by: ad65shorty | January 9, 2012


This week, I will be pulling from my archives to share some fun penguin ideas! Enjoy!

I LOVE open-ended art projects! I love to watch the creative process that goes through each child’s head as they create what they’re imagining. I love watching as they add more to the project as they talk with others or as they design. It’s really quite an amazing thing!


Yesterday, I provided black, orange, and white construction paper; some glue, scissors, and crayons; and told my children to create a penguin. I kept our penguin books on the table with us for them to look at, and we probably spent the next hour designing a penguin family. We added eggs to their feet (my son’s is cracked). My daughter made “Happy Feet” as her baby penguin that came out of her egg. My son added a fish to his penguin’s mouth. We added feathers for our macaroni penguins. So creative! So fun! And the pride… they are so PROUD of their work!

Our penguin family (the one on the far right is a snowman)

created by 6-year-old

created by 3-year-old (sorry, it's kinda falling over in this picture)

"Happy Feet" created by 3-year-old

This was definitely a very fun project–for all of us, me included! And the quality time we spent together cannot be traded! 🙂

Other “design-a-” activities we have done:


Design-a teddy bear

Design-a-gingerbread man

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