Posted by: ad65shorty | January 2, 2012

Footprint Snowman Spotlight!

Here are your adorable footprint snowmen. I love how each one has such personality! And I just can’t get enough of the baby feet. Oh, my!

(And I kept them big so you can see them. If you want to see them even better, simply click on the picture!)

from Misty

Lauren's girls working hard...

Lauren's final pictures! She couldn't find the fairy dust so she used fine glittery snow. Love it!

Kate's son painting.

from Kate

Another from Kate!

from Julie--love the googly eyes!

Another from Julie!

from Gina

From Megan. I love how she made everything sparkly!

1st one from Cari

2nd one from Cari--personally, I'm diggin' that striped scarf!

3rd one from Cari. Yes, she sent a bunch, but I love how each one is so unique!

another cute one from Cari!

last one from Cari! All of them so cute!

Leslie did hers on an apron! Too cute! I love that she included her kids and Grandma in the picture!

Wanna make one?! Go here for directions and hints! And if do decide to make one, please send me the picture! I’d love to showcase your work!

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