Posted by: ad65shorty | December 20, 2011

Polar Express Party

Every year, my kids and I take our own journey on the Polar Express (at home)! We took ours this past weekend:

The Polar Express

The magic comes in the preparation:

Cut snowflakes (I use coffee filters) and hang around the room. We tape them on the walls and hang them from the ceiling with thread.

lights and snowflakes hanging from ceiling

Make it “dark.” We either use the lights from our Christmas tree or hang Christmas lights around the room.

On the Polar Express

Arrange your chairs in a train line and tape a bell under each chair. Also provide a golden ticket for each child (I get mine here, page 5).

And of course, you have to have treats: sugar cookies, hot chocolate, candy canes, etc.


Dress the kids in PJs and board your train. I like to punch their tickets with their name letter (A for Adam). Take off and let the fun begin!!

Cover Image

Read the Polar Express story during the ride. Let the kids eat their sugar cookies and hot chocolate while you read (putting a sheet or blanket below your train makes for easy clean-up). When you’re done, have the kids look under their chairs and find the bell from Santa’s sleigh.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the movie, we enjoy watching it together on our train, snuggled in PJs and blankets!

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