Posted by: ad65shorty | October 26, 2011

5 Little Pumpkins Fingerplay

My kids love this Halloween fingerplay! Here is our version:

5 Little Pumpkins

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate. (hold up hand with five fingers displayed)

The first one said, “Oh, my! It’s getting late!” (hold up one finger and so on…)

The second one said, “There are witches in the air.”

The third one said, “But we don’t care.”

The fourth one said, “Let’s run and run and run!”

The fifth one said, “I’m ready for some fun.”

Oooh went the wind (wave hands like the wind)

And OUT when the lights (turn off the lights)

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight! (roll arms and then hide them behind your back)

Activity Ideas:

*For a classroom setting, I had five pumpkin puppets. I believe mine were simply pumpkin die-cuts glued on a popsicle stick. Five kids got to go to the front while we chanted this poem and act it out with their pumpkins. The rest of the class used their fingers like I mentioned above.

*Here is a fun fingerprint art project based on the poem:

Basically, the kids were supposed to draw a gate for their pumpkins to sit on. I always modeled “details,” such as the moon and the stars, for my more advanced students. I then dipped each of their fingers into orange paint to represent the five pumpkins, which they placed on their gate. When the paint dried, they could add a face. We then glued the words to the fingerplay on the back so they could do it for Mom and Dad at home.


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