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LDS General Conference Ideas for Children

Twice a year, my church has a general conference, which is a broadcast for every member of my church. We believe in living prophets, and this is an opportunity to sit at their feet and hear what God would have us learn to become better people. We have this conference coming up this weekend. As I have a big LDS audience, I thought I would include some fun ideas for your children.

Ready for Conference--complete with pillows and stuffed animals. Gotta be comfy!

Gosh! There are so many great ideas out there. I have nothing new to add, but thought I’d share some great links.

**When my kids found out it was Conference weekend, they cheered. Why?! Because of our Conference snack. They have so much fun listening for the specified words and then finding that item to eat (my kids are 4 and 7). Here’s the idea:

It’s a simple homemade trail mix. Each item in the mix represents a word. Every time they hear that word, they get to find one of those items and eat it! This keeps them entertained (and listening!) for a least one session! You can easily adapt it to what your children like and change the words to listen for!

General Conference snack

Prayer = M&Ms

Family = Goldfish or peanuts

Gospel = Marshmallows

Faith = Pretzels or raisins/dried fruit

Jesus = Popcorn

Spirit = Swedish fish or another gooey treat

**I’ll be printing this fun game off for my 7-year-old. He loves word searches!

**This is a cute one catered to younger children. What I love to do is take one or two pages from each Conference booklet that I like and make my own packet catered to each of my children. This page also has some catered to all age groups, including Nursery. I used a bunch of these pictures last spring and will be doing the same for this year.

**We made these puppets last year. You can find them here under the Junior Primary packet (#2), starting on page 26.

**I read somewhere about a family that posts the picture of the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, and Seventy near their TV (you know, the big picture you get in the middle of the Conference edition of the Ensign). When a speaker gets up, the kids get to race to find the picture of the person speaking and mark it. Cute!

**And, of course, I love the activities you can print and on-line games on

**You can check my archives for more ideas, if you want! 🙂  I add new ideas every year!

**What are your favorite ideas/traditions for General Conference? How do you keep your children engaged?


  1. Angee, right now I am putting the final touches on our Apostle Speaker Snacks… Elder Holland’s Hersheys, Elder Ey-Ring Pops… I am so excited. The kids won’t be too excited for Elder Anderson’s applesauce…. but Elder Bednar’s Bubblegum should be a hit! The snacks will all be set up but they can’t have them until that Apostle is speaking.

    • You are WAY more creative than me! I LOVE your idea!! I wanna come watch Conference at your house. Can I?!

      Thanx for sharing, Emily. Remind me, and we could do a spotlight post on your idea for NEXT Conference!

      • No, I am just way more desperate than you. The first two sessions were awesome… I was crossing my fingers that Elder Oaks wouldn’t speak today since I hadn’t made Oaksmeal cookies yet. 🙂 The kids actually screamed for Elder Christofferson’s Capri Suns. WHY HAVE I NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE? They are actually paying attention and they have a way better idea of how many speakers there will be, and who they hope won’t speak at Priesthood session tonight because dad says he’s eating all of whatever it is…

      • Okay, that is way too funny, Emily!!! I’m glad it went well and that you had such a great experience! I love the ideas!

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