Posted by: ad65shorty | August 18, 2011

I Am Amazing!

Today I wanted to share a favorite self-esteem book and activity.

Amazing Grace (Reading Rainbow Book)

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman


Grace is a little girl who loves stories–whether she reads them, hears them, or makes them up. Using her imagination, she loves acting out the different stories, always giving herself the most exciting part! When her teacher plans a production of Peter Pan, Grace “knew who she wanted to be.” But when her friends tell her that she can’t because she’s a girl and she’s black, Grace goes home discouraged. Her family reminds her that she can be anything that she wants to be. And with their help, her own determination, and a professional dancer, Grace develops her confidence and gets the part!

I love how this story talks about empowering children through stories, giving them ideas for acting out parts and being the hero. I love the message of the story that you can be anything you want to be; a great story for building self-esteem.


After reading the story, ask your child who he wants to be, and then spend the morning role playing that part. If you have more than one child, give each child a chance to have the most exciting part!


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