Posted by: ad65shorty | July 4, 2011

Blast From the Past: Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone

July is National Ice Cream month so this week, I thought I’d focus on ice cream. These are some fun ideas I shared a couple of years ago. What a great way to beat the heat!

Here is a fun craft project your children will definitely enjoy!

This was such a fun craft for my kids, and when they saw the picture, they begged me for days to do it. It looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?! We had a blast!




1 cup shaving cream

1 cup glue

paint (choose a color that looks like your favorite ice cream flavor)

ice cream cone blackline, cut (I got mine here and reduced it 50%)


1.  Mix together the shaving cream, glue, and paint until it’s the color you desire (we halved the recipe, and it still gave us way more than we needed!).

2.  Tape down your ice cream blackline. I find that this trick makes it so the papers don’t “go all over” and they don’t get frustrated. Also, be sure to cover your table well. I didn’t and it was quite a mess to clean up!

3.  Put the paint on the ice cream blackline and let your children finger paint. Make sure they leave it “chunky.” Leave it to dry.

4.  While it’s drying, have them color the cone blackline.

5.  Let your paint dry for about 24 hours, then put it all together and display in your house!

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