Posted by: ad65shorty | June 18, 2011

Helping Shy Children Adjust to New Settings

I have a very outgoing child–one who has a different friend over every day of the week. I also have a very reserved child–one who won’t even make eye contact or reply when spoken to. I got this article in my email this week and thought I’d share. It’s on helping your shy child adjust to new settings. The article talks about adjusting to preschool, but I think it applies to any new situation. I really like the part about not slipping out when your child isn’t looking. In children of all ages (including 18-months to 2-year-olds), I find this plan to backfire. It makes it harder the next time, and it ends up taking longer over all. There’s some good stuff in this one.

I thought this article was also good. Just different things to think about when your child is more reserved. I liked the part about “labeling” your child and how to handle situations where that may come up.

Anyway, some good weekend reads, if you’re interested.

What are your concerns for your shy child?


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