Posted by: ad65shorty | June 9, 2011

Fabulous Find: Water Squirters

So, last week, my son had a water party at school. They had these cool water squirters (they look like giant crayons and work like syringes), and the Kindergartners had so much fun with them! I decided we needed some for our neighborhood, as well. The best part?! They’re at the Dollar Store! I went and picked some up, and my kids and their friends can’t get enough. In fact, they were having so much fun one day that I couldn’t resist participating myself. I came in after 5 minutes of play with the kids, dripping wet. My husband said, “What happened to you?!” These are better than water guns, in my opinion! They have more power (but not enough to hurt you), shoot farther (probably about 7 feet), and the kids can fill them up themselves (even the 4-year-olds in my neighborhood can do it independently)!! They’re going fast so go grab some before they’re out! They’re amazing!

My kids used them to wash the car!

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