Posted by: ad65shorty | June 3, 2011

A Week of Games: Hi-Ho Cherry-o

I thought I’d share a more toddler-friendly game today: Hi-Ho Cherry-o. This is my 3-year-old’s favorite (and I remember loving it as a kid, too)!!

Milton Bradley The Original Hi HO Cherry-O Game

The point of the game is to be the first person to pick all the fruit off your tree. Sometimes you get to pick some off, but sometimes a dog may come and eat some, or you accidentally spill your bucket and you have to put fruit back on your tree. This is a great game for counting and one-to-one correspondence. It also comes with an optional puzzle you can do whenever you spin the bird. Surprisingly, that’s my daughter’s favorite part of the whole game. It’s a quick-paced game so we can easily play it a couple of times without her getting bored. And my 6-year-old enjoys playing it, too, although he usually only lasts one or two rounds.

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