Posted by: ad65shorty | June 1, 2011

A Week of Games: Monopoly

My son found Monopoly in our game closet a week or so ago and begged to play. He’s only 6, but we decided to try to teach him anyway. I’ve been amazed at how quickly he has picked it up! We modified a couple of the rules (such as building houses evenly–we let him build all on one place), but for the most part have kept true to the rules. Within just a couple of days, he’s getting the concept of money: “If I give you a 20, but only owe you 18, how much do you give me back?” or “Mom, I have 5 20s. That makes 100! I need a 100.”  I’ve been amazed at the skills he has learned! So, pull out your old Monopoly game and play with your elementary-aged children. It’d be a great way to keep those math skills up over the summer.

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