Posted by: ad65shorty | May 16, 2011

How to make marble magnets

Some of the magnets we made!

When making these for Mother’s Day this year, I realized that I’ve never shared this idea here before. (honestly, I made the assumption that everyone knew how to make these until we gave them away, and I’ve had many people ask!)  This was a great project for my kids (with help, of course), and they felt such pride in their creations!


flat clear marbles (they come in various sizes; we chose the big ones)

scrapbooking paper or photographs or pictures from magazines (my kids chose the paper they wanted to use for themselves and for their grandmas)

strong magnets

Mod Podge and something to apply it with

hot glue gun



1. Cut circles from your paper to fit the magnets. There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can either trace around each marble and then cut inside your line (cut to fit), or you can make a generic circle and use that as a pattern. We chose the latter ’cause it was a little easier for my kids. They were able to choose what part of the paper they wanted and trace the circles with little assistant. My 3-year-old needed help cutting; my 6-year-old did pretty well on his own.

2. Turn your marble to the flat side and add a layer of mod podge. Then quickly place your circles on top so that the right side shows through the rounded part of the marble, and so that the wrong side is on the “back.” Even though you can see the mod podge right now, I promise the mod podge will eventually dry clear. My kids were able to do this with a little supervision.

backs of magnets

3. Put a layer of hot glue on a magnet (I find a thick layer works WELL). Quickly press the magnet to the flat side (“wrong” side) of a marble in the middle; on top of the wrong side of the paper. Allow to cool. I did the hot glue, carefully passed it to my kids, and they were able to press the two together.

4. When completely dried and cooled, attach to your fridge or magnet board. We made sure to keep some for ourselves, and now my kids have their own magnets (I don’t know if you can tell, but there are some done in camo paper for my son).  Here’s a picture of our final products:

Our grandmas and aunt LOVED them! Have you ever made these? Any tricks you recommend?

I have a friend who used pictures of her kids and uses them for chore charts. Brilliant! What do you use these magnets for?


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