Posted by: ad65shorty | May 5, 2011

Mother’s Day Idea: Canvas Painting

Sorry I’m not being creative this week with my Mother’s Day ideas and sharing. It’s been very crazy around here!

What about a canvas painting? I’ve shared these before for Father’s Day, but why not for our favorite mothers, too?!


You can buy these canvases at any craft store in the paint section. They come in a variety of sizes. We just used basic kid’s paint to decorate. I had my children share one because they were both so young. But I think older children could do wonders with their own, and it would look really “professional” with a picture instead of just scribbles. Handprints would be cute, with something like, “Hands down! You’re the best Mom (grandma) around!” It doesn’t matter though because your mom will LOVE these gifts from the heart.

Here's one a friend's daughter made for her dad

Wrap up in homemade wrapping paper, and I’m sure your mother will be so proud to display these some where at the office or at home!


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