Posted by: ad65shorty | April 21, 2011

Blast From the Past: Easter Egg Counting (or ABCs)

Cut some Easter eggs out of construction paper. Cut into two pieces using crazy designs (scrapbooking scissors make these EASY). On one side, write a number. On the other, put the same number of stickers. Have your child match them up. They can check their own work because the lines will match. It’s also fun to have your child then line them up in numerical order.


Another version:  You could use plastic eggs instead. Write the number on the outside and have your child place small objects inside each one.

You could also do this with ABCs or rhyming words or any other concept your child needs help with. This would also be a good way to reinforce patterns (pink, purple, blue, pink, purple, blue, etc).

For more Easter ideas from the past, go here. You’ll find the ones I shared this week at the top, but just scroll down for some others.


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