Posted by: ad65shorty | April 11, 2011

Egg Carton Chicks and Bunnies

I first saw this idea here, and my kids and I fell in love. We thought the chicks were so cute, and I thought they looked so easy. So, the day we finished off a carton of eggs, we got to work. We decided to also try some bunnies with Easter coming up. It was a fun project, and my kids have enjoyed playing with their little “friends” and putting small treats inside when they can!


egg carton


masking tape

paint and paint brush

construction paper


felt-tip pen


1. Cut your egg carton a part into individual sections. We cut ours a little smaller to get rid of the bumps and holes left behind.

2. Stack two on top of each other and tape the back with masking tape to make a hinge. We also stuck one on the inside, as the tape just didn’t stick to my liking.

3. Paint. The one the other lady did looked so flawless. I couldn’t get ours to look as good so I’m not sure what her trick was. I tried both kid-friendly paint and craft paint. We did 2-3 layers on each one, letting it dry completely between coats. We let them dry overnight, which was hard for my kids, as they were so excited! In fact, finishing these was the first thing we did the next morning ’cause they just couldn’t wait! (seriously, before breakfast even!)

Here are ours. My 3-year-old's are the 2 on the left. Mine are in the middle. And my 6-year-old's are on the right. He made his into "aliens," hence the extra eyes. I love their individual perspectives on each one!

4. Decorate/embellish. The other website has exact dimensions for the chick, but we just free-handed ’cause I like the kids’ perspectives.

For the chicks, we cut little wings out of yellow construction paper. I folded a tiny flap on the top of each wing so I could glue it inside. We used orange construction paper for the beak, also doing the flap thing. We wanted to add googly eyes instead of just drawing them. I also added feet to mine.

For the bunnies, we also used googly eyes (they’re just so much fun!). I cut white feet and ears out of construction paper. I added a touch of pink in each ear with pink construction paper, and played around with the nose a bit until it looked like I had visualized (I ended up cutting a tiny triangle). We drew the whiskers on with a felt-tip pen. And then I added a pom-pom at the back for a fluffy tail. The bunnies looked cuter when I drew them on paper, but the kids loved them anyway!

We let everything dry for a bit before handling.

This has definitely been a fun project! We have all sorts of ideas for the future: blue birds, penguins. What else?! I’d love to see yours, especially if your bunnies turn out cuter. Leave us a link in the comments so we can visit!


  1. So cute! The alien bunny gets my vote, but with a close second for the cyclops chick. 🙂 Too cute. We’ll have to try this one out! I purposely saved two egg cartons because I KNEW I would use them for something! Thanks!

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